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The platform ensures full fledged and comprehensive online redressal of disputes/conflicts, with the help of technology that is easily accessible and reliable.

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We are a team of professionals who are devoted to provide accessible dispute resolution services with uncompromising quality, at low cost. ‘Everything for everyone’ is the principle guiding us.

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We facilitate our users to resolve their disputes/conflicts in an efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective manner.

Quick Resolution Of Disputes

Quick Resolution Of Disputes

Disputes involving lesser claim amount may even be resolved in hours. A comparatively quick resolution has been proven to be possible in high end disputes.

Easy Accessibility

No worries about taking high roads or getting stuck in traffic or taking off from work. Parties can attend hearings at any time from anywhere.

Cost Effective

No fear of experiencing holes in your pockets. Services are offered at extremely low cost, especially when compared to litigation and other physical means of Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings.

Confidentiality and Security

Details of the parties, specifics of the disputes and an account of the hearings are maintained in a confidential manner.Privacy of the parties is our utmost priority.


The Neutral third party from the panel "Conciliator" helps the parties to arrive at a settlement as well as propose appropriate "Settlement" terms and resolve the dispute.


The neutral third party "Mediator" from the panel helps/ facilitates the parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable "Terms of settlement".


The neutral third party "Arbitrator" adjudicates the dispute in a less formal way compared to the court and gives his/her decision "Award".



Whats on your mind

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) refers to resolving legal disputes, out of the Court, with the help of technology. These online mechanisms allows for virtual communications without requiring the parties to be physically present in a venue, thereby saving time and cost.

ODR process is informal, flexible, suited to the need of the parties. It is not governed by strict rules of evidence and procedure. Parties need not travel to a specific place to attend the hearings and can resolve disputes, at the comfort of their home or office, in a convenient timing.

The Courts and the Judges have recognised the validity of dispute resolution through Online mechanisms. The decisions arrived through ODR are binding and enforceable in the Courts of law.

The most common forms of ADR/ODR are Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and negotiation. For matters involving specific determination by the neutral third party involving transactions, Arbitration can be preferred. For the parties preferring peaceful resolution of disputes and willing to preserve their relationship (personal/business) as well, Mediation or Conciliation is an apt choice.

Two or more of these processes can also be preferred together to ensure effective dispute resolution

You can consult an expert from "The Settlement Table” for more clarification on your dispute.

Using technology for dispute resolution, eliminates travel expenses, ensures scheduling of hearings at convenient timings. Parties can directly interact with the Neutral third party at ease and can achieve a binding decision, thereby saving legal costs that would be incurred when Courts are approached.

This would also save huge amount of time and energy for the parties.

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