What is Online Dispute Resolution?

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) refers to resolving legal disputes, out of the Court, with the help of technology. These online mechanisms allows for virtual communications without requiring the parties to be physically present in a venue, thereby saving time and cost.

ODR process is informal, flexible, suited to the need of the parties. It is not governed by strict rules of evidence and procedure. Parties need not travel to a specific place to attend the hearings and can resolve disputes, at the comfort of their home or office, in a convenient timing.

The Courts and the Judges have recognised the validity of dispute resolution through Online mechanisms. The decisions arrived through ODR are binding and enforceable in the Courts of law.

The most common forms of ADR/ODR are Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and negotiation. For matters involving specific determination by the neutral third party involving transactions, Arbitration can be preferred. For the parties preferring peaceful resolution of disputes and willing to preserve their relationship (personal/business) as well, Mediation or Conciliation is an apt choice.

Two or more of these processes can also be preferred together to ensure effective dispute resolution

You can consult an expert from "The Settlement Tableā€ for more clarification on your dispute.

Using technology for dispute resolution, eliminates travel expenses, ensures scheduling of hearings at convenient timings. Parties can directly interact with the Neutral third party at ease and can achieve a binding decision, thereby saving legal costs that would be incurred when Courts are approached.

This would also save huge amount of time and energy for the parties.

Dispute resolution through ODR ensures quick resolution, when compared to Court procedure. A dispute may be resolved in a month or two or even in hours, when parties provide adequate cooperation.

Parties can access and resolve the disputes through our platform, just with a mobile, tablet or a laptop or desktop, which has adequate internet facilities.

  • Commercial and business disputes
  • Construction and Real estate disputes
  • Family disputes including marital and property matters
  • Consumer disputes
  • Cheque bounce cases and money claims
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance disputes
  • Employment and labour disputes
  • Disputes concerning Intellectual Property Rights
  • Media, Technology and cyber disputes
  • Sports disputes
  • Disputes relating to firms, companies, partnerships, associations, trusts, societies etc.
  • Disputes relating to Motor vehicle accident claims
  • and such other disputes of civil and compoundable nature

The parties can register their case in just 2 steps,

      1. Sign up with 'The Settlement Table' and
      2. Provide details of your case along with the documents

Once the parties enter into an agreement to submit the dispute to ODR, The Center (The Settlement Table) will appoint Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s)/Arbitrator(s) from the Panel. Parties will be intimated about the appointment and the hearings will be conducted online.

Once the Settlement Agreement is entered into or Award has been passed, parties will receive both the e-copy and physical copy of the final agreement and the award, to their registered address of communication.

In case of any queries or doubts, parties can directly contact the Centre through its official Mail id i.e. info@thesettlementtable.in or any other prescribed mail Id by the centre after signing up. Parties can also get clarifications by ringing 9489244442 during business hours.

Parties can enter into an agreement, agreeing to submit their future disputes to the centre or in case of contractual disputes, parties can include the dispute resolution clause, provided by 'The settlement Table' in the Services page or Secure contracts page (after sign up), in their contract.