The website The Settlement Table is an ODR- Service based Platform which facilitates resolution of legal disputes online, through its Panel Mediators, Conciliators and Arbitrators.


  1. The Registration Fee and the Fee for processing Settlement Agreement/Award will be fixed by ‘The Settlement Table’, on a case to case basis, based on the administrative charges/overheads incurred in, processing the registration and the Settlement/Award, respectively. The administrative charges/overheads would in turn depend on the number of parties, complexity of the matter, the claims raised etc.
  2. The Sitting/Hearing Fee chargeable for each hearing, will be fixed by the Mediators/Conciliators/Arbitrators in consultation with ‘The Settlement Table’ and the Parties, wherever necessary.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  1. The Registration Fee, which has been paid for the purpose of registration of the dispute, consultation with the parties and processing the Agreement between the parties, cannot be canceled, and no refund can be availed, owing to the administrative overheads.
  2. However, the Sitting/Hearing Fee deposited in advance, shall be refunded within 30 working days, when the scheduled meeting(s) in respect of which the Sitting/Hearing fee was paid by the Party(ies), is/are later canceled, on termination of the process.
  3. The Fee for processing the Settlement Agreement/Award, which has been paid for the purpose of stamping and registration of the Settlement Agreement/Award, delivering the physical copies of the Settlement Agreement/Award etc., cannot be canceled and no refund can be availed, owing to the administrative overheads and the legal mandate.

Fee for processing the Settlement Agreement/Award

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