The website The Settlement Table is an ODR- Service based Platform which facilitates resolution of legal disputes online, through its Panel Mediators, Conciliators and Arbitrators.

  1. The User/Party can register their dispute, after signing up in the website. The User/Party shall also specify the communication details of the Other/Opposite Party(ies), for ‘The Settlement Table’ to communicate about the dispute filed and to seek their consent for reference.
  2. Once the Other/Opposite Parties agree for the reference, the User/Party can pay the prescribed Registration Fee, through the website. After the payment of the Registration Fee, ‘The Settlement Table’ will make necessary arrangements for signing of Mediation/Conciliation/Arbitration Agreement by the Parties and the appointment of the Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s)/Arbitrator(s).
  3. The Sitting/Hearing Fee, for each of the online hearings, will be decided by the neutral Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s)/Arbitrator(s) in consultation with ‘The Settlement Table’ and the Parties and in accordance with the existing law in force.
  4. Once the Mediation/Conciliation/Arbitration Agreement has been signed by the Parties and neutral Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s)/Arbitrator(s), has been appointed, the online/virtual hearings of the dispute will be conducted in the platform provided by the website.
  5. On reaching a settlement/decision, the terms of Settlement Agreement or the Award will be clearly put forth in written and delivered to the parties, after getting signature of the Parties and the Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s)/Arbitrator(s).
  6. The proceedings shall terminate in the following circumstances:
    1. When the Settlement Agreement or Award in respect of the dispute has been delivered
    2. When the Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s) terminates the proceedings on filing the report of failure of settlement or for any other just reasons
    3. When one or more of the parties express their willingness to withdraw from Mediation or Conciliation
    4. When any of the circumstances in relation to termination of mandate or the process arise under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (with its latest amendments)
  7. ‘The Settlement Table’ will process the replacement of Mediator(s)/Conciliator(s)/Arbitrator(s), when necessary circumstances arise under the existing law in force.
  8. The Process and the Proceedings shall be governed by the existing law in force.

In case of any grievances/complaints/ queries, Please feel free to write to us at info@thesettlementtable.in or call 91-9489244442 (during the business hours).